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Danswinkel in Eindhoven

Visit Dance Store Eindhoven: Torenallee 60-02, 5617 BD Eindhoven

danswinkel in eindhovenAt DANSWinkel Eindhoven we are happy to help you with finding the right dancewear, dance shoes and accessories.

The Urban Shopper shopping center is located in the middle of the cultural heart of Eindhoven, called Strijp-S. Together with more than 20 unique shops, DANSWinkel Eindhoven is located store eindhoven danswinkel

The store has a wide range of basic items, suitable for multiple dance styles. Think of the styles, ballet, jazz, modern, street dance and much more. Our collection includes dance essentials for all dancers.

Dance clothes

We offer high quality dance clothing, which ensures that you can perform as optimally as possible. The clothing is made to offer sufficient comfort and enough freedom of movement while dancing. At our dance store in Eindhoven you will find stylish dance clothing including tops, pants, ballet suits, skirts, tights and much more.

Dance shoes

At DANSWinkel Eindhoven we have a wide range of dance shoes, suitable for different dance styles because of the suede or leather sole. For the dance styles, ballroom, Latin, and Salsa we have elegant dance shoes from the brands Werner Kern, Anna Kern and Nueva Epoca.

dansschoenen winkel dance store eindhoven We also sell various models of training shoes, from dance sneakers to jazz shoes. Both high-top dance sneakers and low-top dance sneakers are popular among dancers. In addition, there is a choice of a full- or split sole.

DANSWinkel Eindhoven is also the place to be for ballet shoes. We sell both leather and canvas ballet shoes in various colors. You can choose a full sole or a split sole.

If you are looking for pointe shoes, you can book an appointment for a fitting in our store by phone or via the website. During the appointment we will ensure that the pointe shoes are professionally fitted and help guide you through every step of the way.


papillon danskledingIn addition to clothing and shoes, we sell various dance accessories. Think of essentials for your ballet shoes or pointe shoes such as ribbons, elastics, or toe protectors.

We also offer various items to maintain your dance shoes with, such as shoe brushes or heel protectors.

In our dance store, you will also find nice gifts for dancers of all ages. Think of a beautiful dance bag, a cute key ring, or a ballet notebook.

Are you looking for high quality dance clothing, dance shoes or dance accessories? Definitely give DANSWinkel Eindhoven a visit!