Dance Shoes in Eindhoven

argentijnse tango dansschoenen den haagIf you are looking for a place to purchase professional dance shoes in Eindhoven, we are happy to welcome you at DANSWinkel Eindhoven. We have a wide range of dance shoes for different dance styles, such as Salsa, Ballroom, Latin and many more.

Best Dance Shoe Brands

We exclusively work with the best dance shoe brands, so that we can guarantee high quality dance shoes. Dance store Eindhoven has a great collection of dance shoes from the brands Werner Kern, Anna Kern and Nueva Epoca. We have various models available for both men and women. These models vary in heel height, material, color and fit.

tapschoenen dance shoes eindhovenDance Shoe fittings

Because DANSWinkel Eindhoven is a relatively small store, the in store collection might not be the largest. Nevertheless, it’s worth stopping by to try on a few models with different fits. That way we can give you professional advice about which type of shoe suits you best and what shoe size you should go for. Definitely stop by our shop to experience different types of dance shoes at your leisure and ask about our entire collection.

We are happy to help!

If you have specific wishes or questions, we will be happy to assist you in the store or by telephone. Especially when you are looking to purchase a pair of dancing shoes for the first time, we advise you to visit the store. In addition to the collection in the store, we are also glad to advise you about dance shoes that might not be in store at the moment, but are available to order.

Hopefully we’ll see you soon at DANSWinkel Eindhoven!

latin dansschoenen bij danswinkel eindhoven dance shoesA few brands that we offer:

    • Werner Kern
    • Papillon
    • SoDanca
    • Bloch
    • Rumpf
    • Nueva Epoca
    • Anna Kern