Ballet clothes Eindhoven

At Danswinkel Eindhoven we sell ballet clothes for children and grown ups. For kids, we have a selection of clothes from the best labels like Papillon, Bloch and Capezio. We have various leotards, with or without attached skirt. The standard colors for ballet clothes are black, pink and sometimes white. In these colors we also have various ballet articles like ballet tights, ballet shoes and skirts. Also, we have a lot of cute bags and accessories, which are very popular gifts for little dancers!

Ballet wear for adults

Apart from our kids ballet collection, we have a varied ballet collection for adults. At Danswinkel Eindhoven we have various elegant leotards, ranging from basic models to trendy designs. Because we sell leotards from the most popular dance labels, we have a lot of choice in models, colors and materials. All the leotards and ballet wear we sell are especially designed to give you the utmost comfort while you dance. Apart from our leotards, we also sell ballet shoes, ballet tights and accessories for adults.

Visit our shop!

Before you come to our shop to buy a ballet outfit for your child, it is wise to consult with the ballet teacher. Sometimes, ballet schools have standard uniforms for their students. DANSWinkel collaborates with many Dutch dance schools, so our ballet store in Eindhoven is aware of their dress codes. When needed, we can give you professional advice to help you find the right ballet outfit and ballet shoes.

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